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Species Identification Test Kits


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Species Identification Test Kits

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The identification of species content is performed in many countries for a variety of reasons including economic, ethnic and safety. Such identification may be designed to prevent the substitution of meat destined for human consumption with that of unsuitable or inferior species, or may be of importance in various religious communities where consumption of a particular species is proscribed. Neogen Corporation supplies a variety of test methods including lateral flow, microwell, and PCR (DNA) based methods for species identification.

Neogen’s BioKits for species identification are 30 minute sandwich based ELISA assays that are very similar to Veratox® Allergen assays.  With a simple extraction and three 10 minute incubations, one can identify the tested species with a limit of detection of 1.0%. This assay is designed for a laboratory or for on-site testing with a limited amount of start-up equipment.

The F.A.S.T. Species Identification Kits are simple tests designed to allow the resolution of species content in uncooked meats and meat products. The test kits require little equipment and all reagents (except color development reagent) are pre-dispensed. The method is therefore ideal for “on-site” testing, where laboratory facilities are not available, and is more economical for those laboratories with a low sample throughput.

Neogen’s new PCR based tests for animal identification are ready to use kits that have all the materials to amplify DNA. The extraction procedure for these tests uses a proprietary magnetic bead technology that provides significant advantages over other methods of DNA extraction.

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