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Water Stills Pobel Spain Model DESA

Water Stills Pobel Spain Model DESA

Distiller automatic continuous production.
Excellent quality of distillation.
Safety mecanism which switches of the heaters

in the absence of cooling water and connected again.
Easily removable for cleaning.
Furniture, cooling and heating elements them stainless steel when it.
Housing made of stainless steel painted with epoxy.
Switch light pilot.
* As distillates are open to the atmosphere before
measurements can be made, the value of conductivity
is really much less ( down to 10 times) than it is really
measured. Any ultra pure water in contact with the
atmosphere has a conductivity of 1-2 ¼ S/ cm. and a pH
of 5, due to the small amount of CO2( 0, 5 ppm) absorbed
from the atmosphere
Kuat dan kokoh bandel kapasitas 4 dan 8 liters
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