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Triple Beam ohaus Balance USA

Triple Beam ohaus Balance USA

The OHAUS Triple Beam Balance (750-S0) is well-equipped to handle any weighing job, whether you´re weighing solids, liquids, powders or even animals. The top loading Triple Beam Balance Series is known world wide as for its durability and versatility to accommodate a range of lab applications.
Additional Models:

    Fixed or removable pan to fit any application
    Magnetic dampening & Vernier dial convenience on Dial-O-Gram
    Three notched and tiered beams with center reading

Construction    All metal base and beam design with stainless steel pan   
Design Features    Easy to read deep notched and tiered beams, counterbalancing knob for quick zeroing, positive poise positioning for repeatable results, self-aligning beam design, magnetic dampening to minimise oscillation and speed weighing

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PhotoModel CodeItem Nr.CapacityReadabilityPlatformTest Weight
1650-00 80000006 610g 0.1g 152mm  
710-00 80000011 610g 0.1g 152mm  
750-S0 80000012 610g 0.1g 152mm  
760-00 80000013 610g 0.1g 152mm  
730-00 80000034 610g 0.1g 229x152mm  
1610-00 80000036 610g 0.1g 152mm  
1650-W0 80000037 2610g 0.1g 152mm

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