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Birge Closing Net

Birge Closing Net

Birge Closing Net

Ideal for vertical plankton tows when you need to sample a specific stratum in an integrated water column. After you’ve reached your desired depth and taken your sample, close the net by sending a messenger down the line. Raise vertically at an even speed of 0.5 m/s.

The truncated design improves filtration efficiency and consists of four parts: a tapered upper cylinder, the closing portion; a conical filtering net; an attached dolphin adaptor; and a stainless steel Wisconsin bucket whose 10 oz. weight insures the net’s rapid descent. The closing portion consists of a stainless steel body, towing eye and release tab. A separate lowering and retrieval line is attached to the middle ring between the two cones. Wt: 5 lbs

• Overall: 180 x 1100 mm (7 x 43”)
• Mouth diameter: 127 mm (5”)
• Second ring diameter: 178 mm (7”)
• Includes: 48-C60 Dolphin™ adaptor;
40-D70 stainless steel Wisconsin bucket
with strip, 284 g (10 oz), 200 mL; 62-C15
line (100’); 46-D80 solid messenger (8 oz)







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