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Food Allergen Testing

Neogen offers screening and quantitative food allergen test kits to detect almond, egg, gliadin/gluten, hazelnut, lupine, casein, β-Lactoglobulin (BLG), total milk, mustard, peanut, sesame, crustacea, soy, and walnut residues. Neogen’s food allergen tests can detect the target allergen in ingredients, liquids, clean-in-place rinses, finished foods, and on environmental surfaces.

Neogen’s Alert® for food allergen kits are screening tests that compare up to 5 samples at a time against a known level of allergen. The tests provide visible results that clearly show whether a sample contains more or less of a food allergen than the control provided.

Neogen greatly expanded the number and variety of rapid food allergen test kits it offers with the BioKits food allergen test product line. The BioKits microwell assay test kits are available for the quantification of allergens in foods and environmental surfaces in the low parts per million level (ppm).

Neogen’s Reveal® for food allergen kit is an easy-to-use and interpret strip test that screens samples for food allergen at 5 ppm in 10 minutes or less. If the test detects at least 5 ppm, two lines will form on the simple test device. The formation of only one line indicates a negative test result.

Neogen Reveal 3-D food allergen kits are easy-to-use and interpret strip tests that screen samples for the detection of trace levels of specific food allergens in 10 minutes or less. The unique Reveal 3-D tests allow for rapid screening for the presence of low levels of allergen in CIP rinses and environments swabs virtually anywhere. The ten Reveal 3-D allergen tests utilize a 3-line readout: a control line confirms the method has been performed successfully and two further lines differentiate low & high levels of detection.

Neogen’s Veratox® for food allergen kits are quantitative tests that compare up to 19 samples at a time against 5 test controls. Through the use of a microwell reader, the tests provide accurate sample results in parts per million.

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